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My pregnant journey through my YTT

My pregnant journey through my YTT

Early November.
I was so excited to start my Yoga Teacher Training Program with House of Om. I discovered this school on Instagram and after a real investigation (🕵🏽‍♀️), it was the obvious choice.
By the way, the school is located on
 Bali and if you're hesitating between many schools for your YTT, go to this one ! Hands down ! I swear it you we'll be not disappointed. 

Well, the Adventure just started for me and I didn't know I was already... pregnant !

From the first classes, I learned a lot of things about the History and the Philosophy of yoga. This precious knowledge was feeding my brain and my soul. What I liked particularly was to discover the Yamas and Niyamas. Those guide lines are like the "Bible" of the yogi. It made me questioning my own behavior regarding myself as well as toward the others. I though a lot about it and I've been trying to change some old and bad habits to improve myself, my way to live and even the way to interact with my future child.

On every class, the teachers are all incredible, passionate, and I'm so glad to have picked this YTT program among the ocean of possibilities (even though I'm not an English native). But few days later, something was going wrong. I felt exhausted, nauseated, like if I was sick... Well, I instantly knew I was expecting a baby. What an amazing and lovely news ! But... very challenging.

During the first 3 months, I was forced to stop because I was too "sick" to move or even to read anything. Can you believe it ? I was literally stuck in bed unable to practice, to learn or to cook something.
But after that, it was a real emotional journey. I've learnt how to move with my baby, more slowly and gently. I had to adapt some asanas and pranayamas because all the breathing retentions and fire pranayamas are not allowed to mum to be. 

I have to admit that during every yoga Nidra class I felt deeply asleep for at least 15min (😂😂😂).

Anyway, I finally passed the final exam which consisted in teaching an 1 hour class. I'm so glad because this journey will stay in my mind as a "game changer" not only on the professional side but also on my very personal life. I was not alone during this YTT. We were two practicing "together" and feeling the yoga glow. I can't wait to tell it to my daughter (which is arriving in 2/3 weeks now).

Thank you to House of Om and I'm looking forward to teach, live, enjoy and share the beauty of the Yoga practice.


28 weeks of pregnancy on Seychelles Island 
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