Hydrate yourself with taste!

Bien s'hydrater est la clé d'un corps sain, réduit les migraines et la cellulite.

Like our Earth, we are made up of 70% water. Water is therefore essential to the proper functioning of our body. Our diet brings us an average of 1L of water per day, so it is advisable to drink 1.5L more daily. But what is water really used in our bodies?

- Regulating our temperature

- Allowing better oxygenation of the body

- Detoxify the body

- Regulating blood sugar levels

- Helping to lose weight

- Improving transit

- Fighting migraine

- Fighting the appearance of wrinkles

And the list is still long ...

As it is not always easy to drink a large amount of water, I have little tricks! I start my day with a big cup of teaDHygie etoxthen I get my "Cold Brew" (cold infusion) prepared the day before. Right now I like to do it with theApple Infusion, which I pour into my cat gourd I love it! To finish the evening I often drink the gourmet Moringa infusion for a well-hydrated day.

It's up to you to hydrate now!

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