The scale

We are in the sign of the scale ♎⁠ ⁠
September 22-23 to October 22-23.

"How is she in Love? Love must be legalized, not a long-term free union. The subject needs harmony, peace. The libra native is an aesthete: the pace, the class of the other counts, and of course Libra hesitates. He needs love linked to a certain conformism in the way of life. He is a passionate lover, he is convinced of his loyalty, but does not know how to say no; also, when Love falls asleep, it risks looking elsewhere... He doesn't like lukewarm relationships; above all, do not let him think that he has become an object because he will leave, even if he must suffer a lot. The native of Libra is a lover of everything: a house, an object, a book, a flower, a country, etc.

The sign of the scale


How to seduce him? Never scenes; do not create situations where you force him to get out of his hinges, to live the violent aspect of arguments, he does not forgive you. Be fair (remember that the balance symbolizes justice and balance), talk with him and share many things, he needs partners to live with them his dreams, his projects." ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

From the book dear to my heart "ABC of Astrology".

Find out more cosmic soap from the scale with its amethyst and its scent of black amber and lavender.

cosmic soap balance, amethyst

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