signification de la justice, tarot

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Karma, fairness, justice, honesty, poise, reason.

Justice reflects the search for truth and represents the consequences of your actions and decisions. In a reading, justice indicates a time when it is necessary to make a decision. There is an area in your life that needs attention, mediation, or a solution. In this picture, the sword is double-edged, which suggests impartiality, and the point is raised in victory. The sword symbolizes a logical and orderly state of mind necessary for making firm and fair decisions. The scales indicate that logic must be balanced by intuition. On the boards are the symbols of the scales and the number of the card, which is the 11. In my version, the hilt of the sword is pierced, thus reminding us that justice can decide situations so as to reveal the truth. Highly intuitive people easily grasp this almost ruthless aspect of the map: the ability to spot the true nature of people and situations. The justice card may indicate that someone or something in your life is not quite what it isemble be. Use your intuition combined with your intellect to unravel the truth.

Conversely, justice indicates dishonesty or injustice that could affect you or other people. This card shows a reluctance to examine the underlying truth of a situation or to accept responsibility for your actions or the actions of someone else. Remember that the best way to understand and be in control is by being responsible and honest with yourself. "

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