The moon

signification de la lune, tarot

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Intuition, deep instinct, disappointment, imagination, emotion, fear, illusion, fantasy, dream, genius, artistic breakthrough, confusion.

The moon is a mysterious and highly symbolic card, which is associated with the astrological sign of Pisces. This card represents illusion, intuition and the subconscious. The moon will appear in a reading when you are in doubt or have lost your way. Sometimes this card heralds dark omens: evil forces or intentions working against you, or your own obscurity which, combined with your fears and insecurities, get in your way. But the moon can also be a harbinger of a flash of genius, artistic breakthrough, great creativity or magical intuition. In my illustration, the faint moonlight shines on a pond: this water represents the unconscious. The crayfish crawling out of the pond symbolizes consciousness. The dog and the wolf on the shore are two aspects of our nature, wild and tame. There is a path that leads between two mysterious towers, but it is difficult to make out due to the low light. You may think that you have lost your way and are wandering aimlessly in the dark. This is the most unpredictable card in the Major Arcana. It can indicate great artistic, spiritual or emotional breakthroughs if you let yourself be guided by the light of your inner wisdom. If the dark takes over, this card warns you about trouble, fear, addiction, even madness.

In a reading, the moon is often difficult to understand, primarily because the requester is already struggling with doubt, disappointment, delusion or lack of concentration. Note that everything on this map represents a choice between two things. Even if the imaginary landscape is dark and cloudy, you actually have clear options: land or water (emotions versus intellect), wolf or dog (instant / intuition versus knowledge / rational). Often times, confusion and indecision are more the result of self-doubt than of lack of options or skills.

The moon may be a magic card when it comes to the inner world, the secret self, and its wonderful and creative powers, but backwards it indicates confusion, turmoil, deception and the things that are not. not what they seem. You may have recently experienced a time of disappointment, fear or anxiety, or maybe someone hurt you. In this case, you may have to deal with significant emotional issues.

As in place, the moon upside down may indicate difficulty in romantic relationships. In everything, do not ignore your intuition; although some messages are hard to accept, the answers you need lie in the realm of shadow. Now might be a great time to take a break and take a step back from your work or relationships to reconnect with your inner wisdom. "

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