The stick queen

signification reine de bâton, tarot

The word of the creator of the linetrider tarot:

Charisma, mystery, warmth, skill, darkness, energy, ability, magic.

The stick queen represents human warmth, loyalty, generosity and feminine charisma. He is a wise, imaginative and intuitive person who is also independent and confident. Although this queen is capable of generosity and warmth, she does not allow herself to be imposed! It has a strong personality: it is lively-minded and generous, which is symbolized by the yellow color and the sunflowers often decorating this map. The black cat is also depicted in all illustrations of the stick queen. It is usually associated with magic is to the occult and can evoke the independent nature of this queen, as well as her interest and ability to harness the energy of magic. I included a dark cloud of ink in my drawing because there is a dark aspect to this map. Social, ingenious and generous, this card can be a leader is a powerful ally. She is extremely energetic, dynamic and active.
If this queen appears in the present, it could indicate the achievement of a new stage in your personal development, or an accession to a higher level. This could mean a symbolic breakthrough in a relationship, a promotion in your personal life or a period of prosperity.

Upside down and in its negative aspect, this card warns you against manipulative or domineering behaviors, resentment, jealousy or anger. This queen may be in a dark and changing mood, and like all powerful characters, her darkness can have an impact on the people and the environment around her. It is a powerful character, so its influence on others should never be underestimated."

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