The pentacle queen

La reine de pentacle

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

" Keywords

Productivity, fertility, wealth, success, prosperity, home, happiness.


The magnificent pentacle queen is a heartwarming card. She is practical, maternal, reassuring and wise. This card is strongly related to family and fertility, and it almost always depicts a rabbit symbolizing some aspect of the card. Her feminine energy is strong, but in a more calming and nurturing way than the Queen of Sword or Staff. Where the Staff Queen represents all that is mysterious, alluring, and dark in relation to feminine energy, the Pentacle Queen symbolizes the strong, dependable and nurturing aspect of women.

If the queens usually symbolize friends who can advise you, for her part, the pentacle queen would rather invite you into her superb kitchen filled with plants to enjoy homemade bread and a soothing herbal tea. For her part, the Queen of Sticks would rather meet you in a bar to chat over a scotch or a delicious glass of red wine. This card could represent a very positive female ally in your life, a compassionate and wise person who can help you through difficult times; without, however, offering you tequila! While court cards most often represent other people in your life, the Queen of Pentacles may indicate to You that you need to embody her qualities: compassion, generosity, openness to others. This card often means that there is a realistic answer to a problem that concerns you, or it might try to bring all of your tension back to your home and family.

Conversely, this card warns you against neglecting your personal family life. It could also mean that by embracing the positive aspects of this queen, you have turned them into nuisances to others. For example, the nurturing qualities of the Pentacle Queen might become oppressive and suffocating if she becomes too restrictive or dominant. Remember that you can always take care of others without harassing or dominating them. There may be a woman in your life who you find heartwarming and encouraging, but who is actually harming your cause rather than supporting it. "

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