Queen of sword

signification de la reine d'épée, tarot

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Intelligence, independence, perspective, insight, reliability, coldness, criticism, judgment.

Of all the queens, the Queen of Swords is perhaps the smartest and most down to earth. She is clear-headed and her judgment is not clouded by emotion or sentimentality. With her lucid gaze and sword pointed upward, this queen is ready to lead you resolutely and swiftly to victory. Overall, this is a very positive card that evokes a form of maturity and self-control that will serve you well. You may see this card emerge when a situation calls on you to mobilize your intellect and deal with it with discernment and pragmatism, rather than compassion and intuition. The Queen of Swords is usually shown in profile, looking at someone we cannot see. In my illustration, this queen is facing the applicant, but her gaze is directed towards something in the distance; which is generally interpreted as the fact that it focuses more on the future than on the present. This is probably a good thing, because often the cards invite us to lay the foundations for future success, while being attentive to present situations.

In its negative aspect, this queen could mean that your cold-blooded approach to a relationship or project is not going to lead you to victory. Intellect and knowledge are undoubtedly great tools, but without intuition and emotion to guide our relationship with oneself and with others, we will never be able to grasp all aspects of a situation. Is there a domineering woman around you who makes you unhappy? Are you using your intellect where only the heart would understand? Are you overly critical or overly cold towards someone in your life? "

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