The wheel of fortune

signification de la roue de la fortune, tarot

The word of the creator of the linetrider tarot:

Optimism, success, turnaround, new beginning, perseverance, luck.

The Wheel of Fortune is a highly symbolic map that talks about life cycles, new beginnings and aspects related to luck. This card tells you to take care of the things you can master and not dwell on what is beyond your control. The four corners of the map illustrate four signs of the zodiac: Aquarius, Scorpio, Lion and Taurus. These are the four fixed signs that represent stability at the heart of change. I also added two birds, echoing the theme of wings, flight and change. Birds, touching each other with their beaks, represent the romantic relationships that remain an anchor, while the world and the external elements continue to rotate and change.
In a reading, the wheel of fortune invites you to accept the ups and downs of life with grace, but without passivity. You have the power to spin the wheel and stay on the upward slope. Be grateful when things are going well, but if you're having difficulties, you have to work hard to overcome them. It is a card of hope that asks you not to be discouraged in the face of adversity; it's part of life and it will pass. Sometimes the wheel of fortune suggests that external factors have an influence on your life. In this case, the situation must be honestly assessed and the factors that may cause difficulties must be considered.

Upside down, this card can mean that luck is not there. The wheel turned and led you down a downward slope. Perhaps there have been changes or reversals against you. Especially when it is reversed, the wheel of fortune indicates that there are negative external forces that influence your life, apparently out of your control. Now is the time to think about what you need to do to take control of your destiny. So we must not resist change. You have to accept the natural evolution of things and consider the new possibilities to come."

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