The Virgin

"The sign of the Virgin is a sign of transition (mutable) between one season and another. We are living at the end of summer; it's the end of the holidays, we will have to get back to work. Let us remember that Virgo is a sign of the earth: it is the period of the harvest, of the harvest. The native of Virgo takes stock, analyzes, dissects what is happening in the other signs: he counts, he classifies, he arranges, he keeps, he makes reservations on all levels (intellectual, material, etc. .) so that you can draw on your reserves when the time is right. He does not like the instinctive side of being, he would like to be without a body, he is handicapped by the demands of it and, pardoxically, the native is afraid of the disease: he is anxious, worried, and listens to everyone, even to its organs; it somatizes. Health plays a big role in the life of this native (work, family, etc.).

Virgo is anxious, she creates a defense mechanism against the instinctive part that lives in her and the mind alternates between the irrational and the rational. It is an intellectual, cerebral, rationalist sign; let us remember that it governs the digestive system which also filters and retains. A certain rigor, a taste for introspection, the conceptions are intellectual and practical; all of these house tendencies are kept on a leash and reviewed. No overflows, everything in its place. The risk for this native is to get lost in the details, "the tree that hides the forest". Tendencies to anxiety and phobia.


Characteristics of the Virgin. Virgo sign.

The Virgin symbolizes:
the awareness linked to the useful and concrete assimilation which must serve the subject.

In love, what is she like? Suspicious, thrifty, demanding; she is afraid of being cheated, afraid of communicating. She is dedicated, we can count on her. She needs to explode, to revolt, because she risks storing up grudges and accentuating this frustration complex which makes life difficult. He feels like he's missed something. The maturity allows more roundness, we are more happy. Its sensuality exists. She's cerebral because she's afraid of instinct, but she's sensual. She is sensitive to the need for a partner but is so suspicious that she can be in love but not necessarily love. Give her time, she prefers a reassuring relationship to a demanding passion.

To seduce her: explain that what is useful is not always essential. Make him a little crazy (crazy), he'll be grateful to you. "

(From the book passed from generation to generation in my family: "The ABCs of Astrology").

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