The ace of cups

signification de l'as de coupe, tarot

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

New possibility, new love, increased energy, spiritual awakening, learning, potential.

The ace of cups is a card evoking the beginnings. An opportunity for happiness and emotional and spiritual fulfillment has presented itself, or will be. This card can indicate the beginning of a new relationship, platonic or romantic, or an unexpected possibility that will bring positive energy into your life if you accept to embrace it. In my in my illustration, water reflects the potential flow of positive emotions and ideas, the ability to give and accept love, as well as the opening of the heart and mind to new possibilities. . The ace of couple also signifies the transformation of emotions into creative expression. Now is the time to put the analytical approach aside in favor of the spiritual or emotional dimension. Like all cups, this card is associated with relationships, creativity, compassion, and the ability to bond with others.

In a reading, this card often refers to the expectation of an ultimate goal, reward that follows a period of hard work or investment. When it comes to romantic relationships, the ace of cups is a good omen on a soul mate level: finding yours connects you with a loved one in a meaningful way. This card is about true love.

Conversely, this card indicates a flow of unhealthy emotions. You may or may not suppress feelings about a situation, or your emotions may be out of control and excessive. Look for balance. Try to get to the heart of the matter and find a way to express yourself with compassion and fairness to yourself and to others. If you are grieving, angry, or struggling with negative emotions, this card indicates a good time to heal and balance things so that you can give and receive love again. "

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