The ace of sword

signification de l'as d'épée, tarot du funambule

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Truth, lucidity, deception, blindness.

The ace of sword represents the need to approach things with a clear mind and focused intention. You have to look for the facts, the truth, the objective data. For now, it's best to put your feelings aside and look at things critically. It's not always a soft card; it often prompts you to face the truth or forces you to put aside your idealism in favor of a more analytical approach. I felt that a raptor was the perfect representation of this card: keen vision, predation and swiftness, but also the majesty of a well-governed mind. Several elements illustrated on this card symbolize victory and are generally positive: the crown, the sword pointed upwards, the bay leaves. Everything seems to indicate that success is yours if you can clearly understand and assess the facts, be honest about your motives, accept the reality of your situation, and take firm action.

Conversely, ace sword could indicate lack of clarity, poor communication, undefined goals, and other tangles that can keep you from being successful and happy. If in a read the surrounding cards indicate that something nefarious is brewing, the Ace of Swords will inform you that someone is lying to you or hiding essential information. Have you recently met a new person? Are you about to sign a contract or start a new business project? In this case, you will have to be careful, check the facts carefully and, why not, read all the fine print! "

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