The five of pentacle

5 de pentacle, signification du cinq de pentacle tarot.

Keywords :

Financial hardship, loss, poverty, health problem, failure, charity, unemployment, injury.

There is nothing joyful about the Pentacle Five. This card usually indicates financial loss or illness, or loss of self-confidence. Sometimes this card highlights a state of mind that is hampering your progress. In my illustration there are 5 denarii behind a figure, which are sometimes represented as a church window. These pentacles are a symbol of help and assistance. This card may let you know that help is near if you need it. This help could come from a strong friend or ally, from a church, counselor, bank or community organization, or from a new health care plan or institution. The card also says that you can get out of this state of depression, anxiety, or loss, but you might need help getting there.

Regarding financial or professional matters, this card could indicate that your fear of lack or poverty may lead you to take no risks, which could harm your chances of success. In a relationship reading, the 5 of the pentacle may indicate that you are holding onto unhappy memories of a past relationship or that something is crippling your ability to move forward with an open heart.

There are several negative aspects attached to this card, but when it is upside down it can also indicate the end of a trying time. Often linked directly to financial matters, this card could mean that a period of poverty, unemployment or loss is over. This card sometimes suggests that you are not seeing certain events from the past that still affect your present. You may think you have recovered from a ordeal (a heartbreak or poverty in your childhood), but it could affect the decisions you make now. Sometimes the 5 of the pentacle indicates bad karma. You may be headed for a loss, ailment, or an injury that you deserve.


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