Le Chariot

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Focus, ambition, progress, self-discipline, sacrifice, forward movement, travel, victory.

The driver of the wagon has no reins, the horses have no bridles; it is the strength of will and the balance that directs them. The chariot represents struggle (internal or external) and victory through will and discipline. You must be level-headed and disciplined, and master your passion and intellect in order to overcome recent difficulties or limitations. It is a strong card filled with symbolism and carrying the energy of victory, will and sacrifice. The square at the bottom of the image represents the earth, the sign of will; inside is the astrological symbol of Cancer, the sign associated with this card. The crown set with laurel and stars evokes achievement and evolution. The character is fully developed. Horses represent opposing impulses, unified by the driver of the cart.

If the cart appears in a reading in the present tense, this card represents the pursuit of your goals and your progress toward what you want to achieve. There may be a time of triumph or reaching your goals. But this map is at its best when set in the future. You are heading towards victory, mobilizing your strengths and controlling your impulses.

The cart indicates strong will, personality and dynamism. Conversely, this card warns you against narrow-mindedness and ambition that sacrifices the long-term greater good in favor of an immediate result. Think about the goals you are pursuing, and see if they are for the greater good of all. In my illustration, the somewhat abstract figure of the dove is shown upside down and tied. This symbol serves as a warning: to achieve your goal you may need to do so at the expense of your caring and compassionate nature. Victory often comes with a price. You are advised to use caution! "

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