The pentacle knight

signification du chevalier de pentacle, tarot du funambule

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Patience, long-term plan, responsibility, slow progress, financial prudence.

The Pentacle Knight is the oldest and strongest of all the Knights. He sits on a large workhorse, gazing out over the kingdom in a serious and chivalrous pose. This card often appears when we have to take responsibility or adopt a course of action that requires putting aside our childish behaviors. The pentacle knight is reliable, loyal and trustworthy. He's not an evil youngster in shimmering armor who likes to wield his sword. This card is associated with parenthood, love of animals and financial success. It indicates that impatience, recklessness and impulsiveness in your current life will not be rewarded. The archetype represented by this knight is a strong and reliable male protector / provider. This is not a very dynamic or charismatic character here.

Conversely, this knight could indicate stagnation, a feeling of going nowhere, or a view of things that is too conservative or too narrow. This card may announce problems with investments, a job, or some aspect of your life that you thought safe, but are not. In a reading about romantic relationships, the pentacle knight might represent someone you find boring or overly conservative. This card may also indicate that others see you as a person who is lacking in drive, interest or daring. "

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