The Sword Knight

signification du chevalier d'épée, tarot

The word of the creator of the linetrider tarot:

Intelligence, arrogance, speed, lack of compassion, judgment, impulsiveness, transition, conflict.

The Sword Knight is the most intellectual and serious of the horsemen. He is bold and energetic, and he uses his intellect rather than his heart. This map often appears at the beginning of a new project or relationship. The Sword Knight is filled with new energy and spirit, but he is not patient, compassionate or kind. He is loyal and ethical, but he can often seem harsh or controlling. In a team, he is an ideal partner, but he can cause interpersonal problems because of his lack of tact and low emotional intelligence.

You will see this card in a reading if you go straight ahead, without taking sufficient account of the feelings of others. Does someone in your life behave like that? Know that the mind must be balanced by the heart. Court maps; especially knights; generally represent others in the applicant's life. Perhaps you have someone around you who is sassy, rowdy and unpleasant. If this card appears in the future, you may soon see this type of person arrive. So don't be surprised if you have an invasive family member who jumps home unexpectedly, or if you inherit a new co-worker who fits that description.

Upside down, this knight could indicate that the applicant, or someone close to him, is impulsive or authoritarian to the point of being out of control. It's a good thing to show energy and self-confidence, but it's traits must manifest themselves with balance and respect for the people involved. It could also be that this card warns you of serious consequences if you don't slow down."


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