The cutting five

Le cinq de coupe

The word of the creator of the linetrider tarot:

Negative thoughts, grief, loss, focus on the positive.

The cutting five is a card that evokes a problem, a loss or a tendency to focus on the negative and lose sight of all the wonderful things still present. On the map, the owl is perched on the edge of its nest. Beneath her, three eggs are broken, but she focuses on her eggs instead of looking after the other two that are still intact and need her. Le five cut suggests that you are struggling to get rid of the past and that you focus on unhappiness by neglecting positive things. This map often reflects a person absorbed in the past is unable to move on, thus missing out on new opportunities. Bitter memories of the past continue to trouble you, and often it is you who must bear some of the blame for past actions and weaknesses. For some, there seems to be no way out of this situation, but the tarot always offers a solution for every problem. It is time to forgive, first of all to yourself and to others. It's time to sweep the debris and move on to new horizons. Pay attention to the positive things in your life.

Upside down, this card can mean that you (or a loved one) experience great grief, grief, chronic pain or deep despair that may continue. Our culture places a lot of emphasis on our ability to overcome things, but some things simply cannot be "overcome". If this is your case, you may have to accept that grief is part of your life and recognize that the pain is almost permanent. On the other hand, the card might warn you that you are so focused on the negative that you have jeopardized the positive things in your life. To heal, give your attention and care to the people and things that need you."

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