The two of sticks

signification du deux de bâton, tarot

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Investment, independence, long term plan, foundation, travel, family, new initiative.

In my illustration, a hare rests a paw on a small globe that represents the world, adventure and opportunity. This card talks about the first steps for a new business, travel or fertility. It's about speaking out, finding your own voice or determining your path. The two of sticks indicates that it's time to set goals, as well as longer term plans, and start investing in future success, be it a business, a project, of a relationship or a family.

In a reading, this card pops up frequently when you are in the early stages of a new project, or at some point in your life when it's time to make your voice heard. This card embodies a strong tendency towards independence and individuality. If you are planning to travel, change careers, or upgrade your education, this card encourages you to take the necessary steps to achieve success and become a more accomplished person. Sometimes a long-term plan requires patience and a gestation period, so avoid active decisions and impulsiveness.

Conversely, this card warns you against the aforementioned plans, impulsive decisions, or prioritizing immediate success and pleasures over long-term stability and profits. It is advisable to take a step back to assess your situation. You have the opportunity to turn current circumstances into long-term success: don't ruin everything! This card can also warn you that something in your life is somewhat out of balance or that there is disagreement or tension with someone that is preventing you from moving forward. Be aware that your independent nature may alienate you from other people. While it's important to have your voice heard and your opinion heard, it shouldn't come at the expense of others just to score points. "

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