The cutting two

Le deux de coupe

The word of the creator of the linetrider tarot:

Partnership, happiness, romance, business partner, friendship, mutual understanding.

The cut two is a charming map that shows the strength and beauty that can be created by two individuals who unite in balance, respect and harmony. This card symbolizes relationships based on attraction and the benevolent and sincere exchange of true respect and emotion. The cut two can evoke marriage, proposals and commitments, as well as business partnerships or deep friendships. It is a reflection of the commitment between two individuals who have chosen to be allies in the world. In some cases, this map may even indicate a very strong link with an animal. The cutting two represents nurturing, creative, obviously caring, inspiring and mutually satisfying love.

In a reading, this map often indicates the beginning of a beautiful romantic relationship marked by understanding, harmony and love between two souls. This map also talks about reconciliation and new opportunities to get closer, heal or deepen existing relationships. There may be someone around you, or at the point of entry into your life, with whom you can establish a meaningful relationship based on trust and mutual benefits. This map shows good results through collaboration and teamwork in general.

Although the cutting two symbolizes above all the association between two individuals, this map also speaks of an inner work to be done to promote the birth of this type of relationship. To be loved and valued by others, you must first cultivate one's feelings within yourself and for yourself. You will find an echo in others when you have learned to welcome your own being positively and respectfully.

Upside down, the cut two could indicate tensions, deceptions or evoke a lack of respect or trust in an important relationship. You or your partner may be dealing with a trauma from the past or an inability to trust. The reverse cut two will sometimes indicate a potential or actual break if an action is not taken to communicate and restore confidence. If there are unresolved tensions in your relationship, it is better to take a long-term, patient-friendly vision rather than a hasty approach. This map appears when significant relationships or partnerships are at risk. A real serious reflection and caution his advised."

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