The two of pentacle

Le deux de pentacle

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Balance, adaptability, prioritization, time and financial management, flexibility.

The two of the pentacle is one of the cards most representative of its symbolism, and I have chosen to stick to its traditional illustration. Pentacles, which symbolize material issues, are skillfully wielded by this juggler, reminiscent of a dancer or tightrope walker. This card usually indicates that the applicant is trying to balance two or more major concerns while keeping his head above the waves rising at his feet. Flexibility and balance are the two characteristics that help the juggler to maintain his precarious position. The two of the pentacle is a positive card. The juggler balances his concerns with his skills, which usually means that the applicant is adept at multitasking and has found a way to accomplish different tasks without neglecting himself or giving in to stress.

Conversely, this card could indicate that you are no longer able to manage your schedule properly. Are a new business or financial or professional concerns hindering the success of your love or family life? Whether academically or professionally, do you feel overwhelmed by an overload of work, which makes you doubt your ability to control the situation? You might think that you are successful in maintaining the right balance in your life, but the two of pentacle might ask you if some aspect of your life is not being overlooked. "

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