The devil

Le Diable

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Bondage, failure, obsession, depression, materialism, lust, delusion, temptation.

The devil card talks about the elements in your life that are compelling and are preventing you from reaching your full potential. You might think they are outside forces, but the devil is an inside force. It represents our own bondage: fears, addiction, attachment or harmful impulses. You may be feeling helpless, but just like the couple's ties on this map that aren't tight, you have the power to break free.

In a reading, this card may be trying to draw your attention to some form of bondage in your life: an unhealthy relationship, over-complacency, negative behaviors or people. This situation could indicate an obsession or an addiction. The devil card often depicts a goat or satyr, frequently used as a symbol of lust and dark impulses. Above the couple is an inverted pentagram, evoking the darker side of magic and the occult. Sometimes this card indicates behaviors that prevent you from finding happiness and fulfillment, such as over-control, greed, or coldness. On the devil's card, the goat can also be seen as a scapegoat; you may be blaming others for things that only you have the power to change.

The devil isn't always a negative card, but it usually points to harmful links that need to be broken. You have to eliminate what is harming you and preventing you from moving forward. We must go beyond despair and seek freedom. Bad habits or addictions may be getting the better of you. Pay attention to the forces that may make your situation worse; anything that could put you in debt or indebted you, or too much reliance on an unhealthy relationship. The devil in the past, especially backwards, could bring up a history of addiction in a situation that you might want to remember. "

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