The stick ten

Le dix de bâton

The word of the creator of the linetrider tarot:

Completion, responsibility, burden, weight, reward, fatigue.

In the tarot, the ten often represent the completion of a cycle. The stick ten indicates that both positive and negative forces, as well as an inner will and external influences simultaneously intervened to bring about the end of a cycle. New horizons will soon open up. Just like the harvest time at the end of a season, you now have the responsibility to bring the fruits of your labour to the market. Success or investment in a project often involves heavy responsibilities and important commitments. Maybe it's time for you to move on to something new. But right now, you're aware of all the weight on your shoulders, that people depend on you and that the community has supported you, or maybe you feel an disproportionate responsibility in a partnership. I illustrated this map with the character in a singular and overwhelming pause. When to keep moving forward, you have to leave things or people behind us, I think it can leave an impression of strangeness and heaviness, and that is what I wanted to represent in this drawing. Remember, while change can be painful, it is the path to new growth and prosperity. In the end, it's a good card that celebrates recent success and heralds a fresh start.
In a reading, the stick 10 indicates that you carry a heavier burden than necessary. You may be stubbornly clinging to unnecessary overwork or vain worries

Upside down, this card warns that while success is a good thing, it's also important to balance your life and take care of your body, mind and relationships. If you feel stressed, overwhelmed or overwhelmed, console yourself: the fight will soon end, or it is in your power to finish it."

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