The ten of cups

Le dix de coupe

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Happiness, marriage, family, prosperity, reward, positivity, joy.

This card embodies happiness, joy and satisfaction. This bodes well for your relationships and family life. In my illustration, a rainbow looms around these happy lovebirds, a spiritual sign that signifies the end of difficult times and heralds blessings from the universe. In a romantic context, I am less inspired by the representation of humans, because I find it a bit outdated. To me, the idea of ​​these inseparable birds seemed more evocative. The ten of cups evokes a harmonious and loving family life. Now is a great time to take stock of all the love and affection you have been bestowed. Besides relationship issues, the ten of cups reflects your personal value system and anything else that could bring you happiness in life. Follow your heart and your intuition when it's time to assess the opportunities that come your way.
In a reading, the ten of cups is always auspicious. Even with a less positive card, the Ten of Cups reminds you that the happiness and comfort of friends and family is a reward after a long journey.

This card rarely appears in a negative context, as it is one of the most positive cards in tarot. Conversely, this card could indicate a shift in your personal values. Are you true to yourself and what you believe? "

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