The ten of pentacle

Le dix de pentacle

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Happiness, home, family estate, prosperity, wealth, wisdom, love, security, gratitude, old age.

The ten of the pentacle is one of the most positive cards in the game. The patriarch and matriarch of a happy family are together with their greyhounds, looking into the distance, satisfied with the quality of life they have built for them- same and what they like. Behind, loom their rich home and the community of which they are a part. This is really the card that best represents the project of a life well lived. This card is interesting because it defines quite clearly the value system of the reader and the applicant. When you examine this map, do you see a happy family enjoying the fruits of a life well lived? Or do you see a conservative patriarch who looks nothing like the future you would choose for yourself? Ultimately, the ten of the pentacle gives off an impression of conservatism; here it is not about travel, adventure or risk taking.
In a reading, this card pops up at difficult times, and is very likely to suggest that you consider your potential if you work hard and stay on course. This card often comes across as a positive omen when you wonder about a relationship or material acquisition, such as buying a house.

Conversely, this card usually speaks of a financial or family loss: divorce, death of a parent, etc. Often times, the ten of the pentacle appears when a possible financial disaster threatens to disrupt your family's future, for example, bankruptcy or foreclosure. In a reading about relationships, she warns you that the likelihood of a long-term relationship is not present, or in a marriage, she may suggest that the future will not be as stable or secure as one might. hope."

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