The ten of sword

signification dix d'épée, tarot

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

End, betrayal, injury, financial loss, pain, disappointment.

The ten of sword is a card evoking the end; the end of a cycle, a relationship or an affair, the end of a way of being. It may be a necessary end or an ending that you are trying to avoid. This card often indicates failure, disaster, pain, separation or depression. You could change the course of this impending disaster, but in many cases, your best bet is to let go and take the blows. No matter how painful it is, you can still rely on your inner strength and on the people who can help you through these difficulties. I must admit that my illustration is difficult to look at; the injured animal seems so lonely. I can almost imagine him lying in the snow, without even the protection of the trees around him. It is often necessary that we go through our dark times alone. If the ten of the sword has manifested itself in the past, think of a time in your past when everything was bad: a difficult breakup, a betrayal, a devastating loss. Imagine how much a heartbreak can affect our lives and our current decisions. No matter what position this card appears in, remember that the chasm is often the very place where we begin our most triumphant comeback. Hold your head up, for that too will pass.

As with all ten, this card often represents the end of a cycle that could be bitter at times. But this is a good card: for example, getting a degree or leaving a job where you were happy in order to pursue new opportunities. Other times, the end of a cycle can be painful, unexpected, cruel. It could be heartache, financial loss, or even the death of a loved one. Sometimes, the reverse side is the end of something you are struggling to face or come to terms with, an inevitable loss that must occur in order to better continue your journey. But even in its most negative aspect, the ten épée is part of the madman's journey. You have to seek the guidance and support you need to get through this time without breaking down. "

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