The fool

Le fou

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

"Keywords :
Travel, idealism, new adventure, innocence, decision, spontaneity, risk taking, openness to new experiences.

The fool is a card associated with potential, new beginning, and innocence. I chose to draw him with an unfinished face and body, since the card is about a person who is at the start of an experience or a formative journey; but what will become of it remains a mystery. This card indicates that adventure and new opportunities are waiting. The fool is a carefree, free from fear or anxiety, even if he literally takes a leap of faith with one foot on the edge of a cliff. He doesn't seem to care that he doesn't really know what to expect. In most games, the Bishop is accompanied by an animal, usually a dog, but I assigned him as a kookaburra, the sky's favorite bird. The kookaburra is also known for their laughter and playfulness which is perfect for the madman, who symbolizes a cheerful and carefree temperament that simply follows their instincts.
In a reading, the fool is the card that best represents the petitioner because, in essence, the tarot describes the "fool's journey". But sometimes the fool can represent another person. If the question is about a romantic relationship and the foolappears in the future, this card could indicate a new romantic partner who is young, carefree, funny, or irresponsible.

If the madman turns out to be the wrong way round, beware of irresponsibility, foolish plans and recklessness. In negativity, this card warns us of unfinished or abandoned projects, insecurity and doubt, or even a foolish or irresponsible choice that has been (or will be) made. "

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