The cutting eight

signification du huit de coupe, tarot du funambule

The word of the creator of the linetrider tarot:

Travel, abandonment of old ideas, moving, progression, new way of thinking, new frontier, journey and adventure.

The cutting eight is a card that often announces the change, transition and abandonment of old things. This card can be about a trip, whether physical or metaphorical. In my illustration, the character turns away from the known landscape; dressed in a pelisse, he heads for a new horizon promising greater challenges. This journey could be sparked by lack of happiness, dissatisfaction or agitation, or perhaps the time has just come to take a big step forward. The cutting eight often reflects your need to seek a new way of being, to embark on a new adventure, whether physically, spiritually or intellectually. This may mean that it is time to leave a job that no longer allows you to express your full potential, or perhaps certain relationships that prevent you from fully achieving happiness or satisfaction. Abandoning your old way of life, even if you have invested a lot of time and energy in it, could open you up to a world of discovery, especially spiritually. Sometimes we have to give up our old baggage in order to be able to move forward. Forget the past and embrace the future.

Upside down, the cutting eight suggests that you may feel undecided or fearful about the best path to take. Disappointment and disillusionment could force you to be immobility. Perhaps you feel so unhappy or dissatisfied that you cannot clearly see the path ahead of you. Try to focus entirely on yourself for a while. Think carefully about what You need and what You want, as well as what might prevent it from being realized. If your work, relationships or current lifestyle is hurting your full potential, it's time to make a positive change in your life. Delaying difficult decisions doesn't make things easier in the long run."

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