The pentacle eight

signification du huit de pentacles.

Know-how, skills, potential, business, diligence, accomplishment, hard work.

The pentacle eight is a map that talks about hard work and diligence, which are the foundations of success. In many mystical systems, the eight and the figure that represents money and it symbolizes trade training, business issues, learning and employment. This is usually a very positive card describing a man who spares no effort to make gold discs. The day I drew this card, I visited a friend of mine who is a jewelry manufacturer. I was inspired by his well-organized and lively workshop, as well as by the beautiful objects he created. This card perfectly symbolizes the laborious, constant work is neat. The pentacle eight sometimes evokes changes you might consider: career reorientation, new relationship or training. The general feeling of this card is positive and encourages you to continue in this direction.

Regarding romantic relationships, the appearance of this card augurs well, even if sometimes the meaning is not obvious at first glance. This card could indicate that the applicant, or his partner, and someone who is willing to make the necessary efforts to build a relationship as strong and happy as possible. To me this card is essentially positive, but in some cases, upside down, it might indicate that you are working something that will not succeed. The time and effort you have invested in something or a person may be in vain. You may also feel frustrated or discouraged about an aspect of your life in which you have put a lot of energy into.

(from the book of the "Funambule tarot").

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