The jugement

signification de la carte le jugement, tarot

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Resurrection, completion, good news, awakening to enlightenment, progression.

The judgment card usually represents an angel holding a trumpet, but in my version they are trumpet lilies. The angel calls you an awakening. You need to take stock of your life. Maybe it's time to find a new way of life. You may be called to transform your life or to open up to new possibilities. The angel manifested himself to me with a mask. The image is about transformation and absolution, letting go of your masks and old ways, and a renewed exploration of your true self. The judgment card speaks of an epiphany: realizing that you have not used your full potential or that you can do more for others. This card requires a period of reflection and self-assessment.

In its negative aspect, the judgment map suggests self-doubt or introspection that has become a hindrance rather than a way forward. In this case, it will take some soul-searching and careful evaluation of your actions, but be careful not to get bogged down in indecision or the opinions of others. Sometimes self-criticism can cripple you. Remember all the things you have already accomplished, and take stock of the good and bad accomplishments. Evaluate, make a plan, and move on. "

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