The world

Le monde

A word from the creator of the linestrider tarot:

Completion, end of cycle, achievement, goals, trips, success.

The world is the last major Arcana map. It symbolizes completion, achievement and accomplishment. This card usually indicates that a cycle is ending, heralding a new phase in life. The signs of the lion of the bull on the reverse side and the scorpion are depicted on this card as emissaries from the four elements, the four seasons, and the four corners of the universe.
Surrounded by a garland of victory, the dancer looks at the world with the experience and the perspective of the distance already traveled. In the present tense, this card indicates that your hard work is starting to bear fruit, even if it is difficult for you to view things in a positive light. Or maybe you have found that a cycle has ended and you feel the full weight of your new responsibilities. Maybe you got a promotion after hard work; or that the arrival of a child or a new home represents the manifestation of your hopes and dreams; But there's still a lot to do !

In its negative aspect, this card warns you against abandonment, laziness, lack of diligence. This card can also reveal that you are reluctant to change or that you resist the inevitable end of something that has stagnated. "

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