The new stick

signification du neuf de bâton, tarot

The word of the creator of the linetrider tarot:

Resilience, strength, wounded but conquered, resistance.

The new stick is a map that shows a man (in the case of my illustration a man-fox... Or a fox-man?) Who's hurt, but still standing. He stands in front of nine sticks, indicating that he has acquired wealth, experience or a status that he must now defend. It is often a message that encourages you not to forget your interests. Be prepared not to let this work or defend your position or property. You will need to learn from your hard-learned experiences and lessons.

In a reading, this map may indicate that you are facing certain challenges and that you must mobilize all your forces to resist. This card will alert you that you will experience unexpected setbacks. But don't be discouraged, you have what it takes to face these battles.

Are you hesitant to make a commitment? Do you feel reluctant or defensive about something? Perhaps you are fighting against a tendency towards paranoia. You may feel that people want to hurt you or that you are not loved or appreciated. Upside down, this card tells you that your fears are not based on reality. You have to fight and defend everything you've accomplished, but without imagining demons hiding in the shadows."

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