The nine cut

Le neuf de coupe

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Prosperity, achievement, luck, reward, bonus and promotion, happiness.

One of the most positive cards in the deck of tarot, the nine of cups is often referred to as the "wish card" because it speaks of fulfillment, happiness, and the fulfillment of desires. This card may indicate that, despite recent troubles, you will soon have things to celebrate, or that your present joy is the reward for past efforts. The Nine of Cup tells you that you could very well get what you want. But beware of the presumption behind this card, caution is required as to the price to pay to obtain it. Much like a cat who catches the coveted canary, this could come at a high price for others. In other words: you might be doing something a little fishy; don't be surprised if you get caught!

The Nine of Cups is a wonderful card, but as the Wheel of Fortune indicates, all wins come with a flip side, and it's good to know that. Conversely, the nine of the cup symbolizes binge drinking, greed, gluttony, lust, and the words that could result from it. You may feel dissatisfied despite having an abundance of wealth or success. Perhaps you have achieved or received something that you have always wanted, but still feel empty or sad. This card can also be a warning about the price to pay for pursuing your desires. "

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