The pentacle nine

Le neuf de pentacle

The word of the creator of the linetrider tarot:

Plenty, wealth, success, self-esteem, admiration, discernment, balance, strength.

The pentacle nine is a very special card. Although it is part of the minor arcana, it has a power and presence that rival any of the queens. The pentacle nine describes an autonomous and motivated individual. This map is almost always drawn with a raptor; an eagle, a falcon or a nozzle that symbolizes a keen eye and a clear mind, as well as a predatory instinct, unique to business people. This card is about wise investments, hard work and self-fulfillment that is rewarded. The pentacle new invites you to grasp all your power, to know you and to develop your own solidity. This card is a positive omen when you think about decisions that relate to the growth of your mind, body, skills or personal investments. It encourages you to invest in yourself and become the best possible version of yourself; this will help your future success flourish.

In a reading, if the pentacle nine appears in the future, you can rejoice, for it is one of the most encouraging cards that announces to the applicant the possibility of serene and happy prosperity.

Sometimes this card warns you that you are spending too much time or money on others and that you will eventually suffer. The classic example is the kind of person who feels that they are doing the impossible for their family, while sacrificing their own happiness, but in reality, all would be happier if they looked after their own development and interests. Remember that what constitutes a partner, parent, partner or simply an ideal human being, is first and foremost a fully fulfilled individual. Upside down, this card might suggest that you have invested a lot of time on something that will bring no financial or personal gain. You may be wasting your efforts. Maybe it's time to give up a goal that won't give you the results you had hoped for."

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