The hanged man

signification du pendu, tarot

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Crossroads, decision, potential growth, discernment, change, letting go.

The Hanged Man is a mysterious card that often pops up at decisive moments, when you need to assess a situation or find a new way to approach life. The upside down figure (in this case a blue tiger) hangs from a tree with the right foot tied, while the left leg is free and its knee bent. I portrayed a tiger, rather than a docile or passive creature, because I believe the Hanged Man is a powerful character who can spring into action when a decision needs to be made. Cats can also turn upside down in the air without losing their sense of balance or direction. In addition, this tiger appeared to me in blue, because I think that this color is that of suspended breath, of waiting, of nature in its winter calm. Despite his somewhat extreme posture, his expression is relaxed as if he were clinging to the tree of his own will. The flexed paws indicate its potential for action, the tiger’s head is enveloped in a halo, a symbol of spirituality.
In a reading, this card can indicate the applicant or one of his relatives. The Hanged Man speaks of the need to stop the action, and therefore a period of indecision. This card can evoke a truce or a state of suspension brought on by real external forces. Maybe you are waiting for something that will determine your future: an admission to courses, a grant or a job offer? Perhaps you submitted a request and did not receive an immediate response? Or do you find yourself in a state of indecision and need to take the time to consider your options?

Conversely, the hanged man could indicate a time when you feel like you sacrificed too much by receiving little in return, stood still, or couldn't extricate yourself from the current situation. Your personal goals and dreams are put on the back burner due to outer realities or inner difficulties. This is a bad patch which is temporary, as you can now expect things to pick up on their course and major changes to occur. This period of suspension is like a catalyst for what is to come. "

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