The stick four

Le quatre de bâton

The word of the creator of the linetrider tarot:

Happiness, family, unity, fulfillment, new life, success, prosperity.

The four stick is a card that evokes pleasure, celebration, and happiness. This is often the harbinger of commitment, marriage or partnership. This map shows the culmination of a project or the end of a period of effort, and invites you to take a time to rest and celebrate. This card has an impression of solidity, stability and security. Unlike most of the maps in the suite of sticks, which represent aspects related to the fire, the four stick is attached to the earth, "anchored" by the elements of the earth and, as such, it offers the applicant the space necessary to flourish and rest. This card does not symbolize at the end of a journey, but rather a pleasant stop to rest and recharge.

In a reading, this card may indicate a good time to take a vacation or a rest period. It can also bode well for your relationships, heralding a time of peace and solving recent problems. In a relationship reading, this card might ask to leave the past behind and focus on your current happiness.

Upside down, the stick four indicates tension, conflict or disagreement. Any situations that would prevent you from enjoying the stability, security and victory resulting from your recent efforts. You may be going through a period of instability in your family or work life, or a moment of transition that causes you frustration. This card often appears reversed when a person is about to lose their comfort zone, whether at work, in a relationship or a living condition. As far as relationships are concerned, this upside-down card could warn you not to bet too much on a person in the long-term goals are different from yours."

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