The four of cut

Le quatre de coupe

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Depression, egocentricity, denial, withdrawal into oneself, gloom, lack of vision.

The quadruple is associated with inner states: depression, egocentricity, gloom and flight from reality. Sometimes this card invites us to turn inward and examine our thoughts and motives, but it also warns us of the risk of turning inward. I wanted my illustration to echo that feeling of a person retreating into their inner world, rather than a retreat that involves an escape from the physical plane. It is important to note that this card usually depicts a character who has closed his eyes and cannot see the blessings and opportunities (cuts) that life has to offer. In my drawing, the woman also has her arms crossed and her hands covered. She is not ready to step forward to take the opportunities or the offerings of the world or of others. There is also a fish in the image, a symbol of inspiration inviting him to open his eyes to see.
In a reading, the four of cups often appears when you are struggling with discouragement, boredom, or dissatisfaction. You may be feeling listless or unmotivated. The map could be an invitation to do some soul-searching to find the truth you are looking for. Avoid distractions and test your heart and mind for more cards.

Conversely, the four of cups suggests that you may be missing out on good opportunities if you don't act quickly. In its place, this card symbolizes the emergence of a stagnant state. But reversed, the message is final: act now before it's too late! "

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