The Four of Swords

signification du carte d'épée, tarot

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Inner reflection, planning, convalescence, rest, recovery, solid foundation, solitude, personal care, balance.

The four of the sword represents a moment of rest after a period of challenges. Now is the time to be quiet and inactive. Recover your strength and spend time in solitude and contemplation. The Four of Swords asks you to put your sword down for a while. Battles are on the horizon, but you must take the time to heal, regain your liveliness, and recover. Now might not be the best time to make decisions; after a period of rest, the way forward will clarify. This card often suggests a need for isolation. You need a space for yourself to reflect, dream, and heal while stepping away from the demands of others. This card usually depicts a knight sleeping in a church. I was drawn to the illustration of a sleeping lion, an animal that hunts fiercely and rests intensely. The flowers that bloom around the lion remind us that rest is necessary for growth.

In a reading, this card usually represents the applicant rather than someone else in their life. In the present tense, this card may indicate it's time to take a break, quit working on some project, or let go of a grievance or quarrel. In the future position, the four of swords might indicate that, despite the turbulence of the present, a calmer period is on the horizon.

For me, this card is usually positive. But when it comes upside down, it could mean that the applicant appears exhausted or that they need to put an end to the disorganization and stress in their life. Maybe you are unable to sleep; your energy may be too intense and dispersing. No matter what you need to do to reach your goal or what is required of you, all that stressful energy will not help you achieve your goals. To ward off the negative effects of this card, you will need to let go of the things over which you have no control and take better care of yourself, your body and your mind. "

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