The stick king

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:


Power, fire, Heat, charisma, charm, strength, manipulation, megalomania.

The row of staffs represents the element of fire, and nowhere is it more pronounced than with the king of staff. The energy of this card is very powerful, very masculine, both positive and negative (a fatherly, protective and magnetic character, but also potentially cold, power-hungry or manipulative). The King is a visionary leader able to bring creative people together and support the realization of their projects. He is charismatic and he can inspire others to work towards making his own vision a reality. Inviting you to consider the long-term potential of your ideas, the King has the stamina and energy to create and achieve sustainable projects. Each version of this card features a lion is a salamander, symbol of strength and fire. I just had to draw the king as a lion, and to evoke fire, the bright red coloring was enough for me. I have also included yellow flowers like those of the cinnamon tree, the plant most associated with this card.

In a reading this card could indicate that your charisma has peaked (or will peak), people will be drawn to you and interested in following your vision. The card can also indicate that a person with these qualities is present or likely to appear in your life.

Conversely, the negative aspects of this card could be being arrogant, taking others for granted, and abusing one's power. If you are in a leadership role, you will need to be wary of this and moderate your zeal to avoid being consumed by what you want to build. If this card symbolizes a tyrannical force in your life, you should step away from it enough that you don't burn to ashes. "

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