King of Cup

signification du roi de coupe, tarot

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Balance, vision, responsibility, maturity, intelligence, fairness, leadership.

The King of Cups evokes emotion, creativity and the subconscious, it is stable and in control, and it represents the balance between feelings and intellect. My drawing of the king was inspired by an untitled fragment of a neoclassical sculpture. The fish is the symbol of mind, creativity and the balance between the conscious and the unconscious. The King of Cups understands and welcomes his emotions and impulses without being ruled by them. He is balanced and mature while being able to be creative and sensual.

Court cards often depict other people in the readings. Here we see a strong man who is benevolent, wise and calm. This card can represent a stabilizing force in a situation that is rather turbulent.

Conversely, this card may indicate mood swings, controlling behavior, or instability. She cautions you against letting your emotions rule your life. If the card represents a strong person with whom you are in conflict, it is possible that the source of your turmoil is caused by that relationship and their negative emotions. Ask yourself what you can do to strike a better balance in this relationship, like the king and his righteous, caring and generous attitude. "

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