The pentacle king

Signification du roi de pentacle, tarot

The word of the creator of the linetrider tarot:

Wisdom, financial success, achievement, seniority, authority, creativity, aptitude.

The pentacle king is a confident, authoritarian, generous and wise character. When the question is about financial success, this card often appears. This king can represent a mature and prosperous man in your life, a potential mentor, partner or lover. The Pentacle King might suggest that you seek advice from an experienced person, if you are embarking on a new project or who is outside your sphere of experience. This card may bode well for those looking for promotions or greater success at work. Often, this card appears when you wonder about your boss or an older "paternal model" in your life.

In a reading, in a future position, this map is very positive, because it predicts a future prosperity or a wise and caring character that will occupy an important place in your life.

The pentacle king is primarily a positive card, but upside down, he might warn you against financial decisions to early professionals. This card could also represent a particular person in your life, who is narrow-minded and materialistic, and who believes he has all the answers. Does this description correspond to someone you know who believes that because he made some money, he turned into a king? Whoever is pretentious, who knows everything, you should be wary of it. Upside down, this card is often a warning that someone or something in your life is not trustworthy, especially in financial matters. You will need to exercise caution and ask for a "proper contract"! Not everything is necessarily as it seems to be."

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