The Sword King

The word of the creator of the linetrider tarot:

Trust, authority, truth, wisdom, integrity, legal problem, action, idea, strength, honour, hardness, judgment, double personality.

The sword king is an intelligent and sincere being, as well as a strong ally. He believes in order, systems and the importance of following the rules. He often represents a boss, employer, mentor, or community figure. Its strengths are numerous: intellect, good judgment, tactical mind. But it can also be cold, severe and inflexible. This card could appear when in a situation, you need to set your heart aside in order to favor your intellect. Sometimes you have to use the sword of wisdom and facts to unravel the truth of a problem. This may be especially true when your feelings blind your judgment. You might also see this map when dealing with a strong personality or when it's about yourself.

In a reading, the sword king is particularly powerful in the position of the present. Since Court maps often represent characters in your life, ask yourself if there is a strong, intelligent, masculine figure in your circle who wields power over your current situation. It could be a boss, your father or a loving partner who occupies all your thoughts. This map will also tell you that your current path to success lies in your ability to channel the powers of this king: organization, intellect and good management of people and assets.

In the position of the future, perhaps you will judge harshly on a given subject. Are you soon to undergo an evaluation of your job performance? Or could someone give you an ultimatum or point you out the door because of bad behavior? If this is the case, you will need to take matters into your own hands and try to minimize the damage. You may need to show your strengths in order to make you forget your past mistakes.

The negative side of this king manifests itself when the card is upside down. It could indicate an overly intellectual approach to human affairs. Spirit and rationality cannot solve all the problems we face. Do you judge others too harshly? Have you turned off access to your ability to empathize with the suffering of others because of your cerebral coldness? Are you dealing with someone who is too critical, distant or cold?"

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