"Symbolism of the sign of Sagittarius (November 23 - December 22) :

The sign of Sagittarius symbolizes generosity, expansion, benevolence, idealism, legality and faith. Sagittarius reasons logically, he is gifted with the ability to assimilate the data of problems and to synthesize. Humanist, he needs changes, contacts, large spaces, travel. Concretely, when he cannot realize this need for travel, he realizes it in the domain of thought; he is only good elsewhere, he needs to get away from it all. He has the gift of transmitting, of teaching, the taste for sport. This sign predisposes to high conceptions of the mind. The native is led to find his ideal through a faith, a philosophy, a form of spiritualization, a way of living which is linked to reflection and meditation. Due to the duality of this sign, the subject will experience contradictions and will have to link the soul and the body, the present and the future. His sense of synthesis goes to the fore; he may be imbued with himself, proud, excessive, in truth he seeks to surpass himself. If he goes off the beaten track, his sense of conformism and legality will bring him back into the ranks. It respects the tradition of legality.
Cyclotymic and depressed at times, he quickly regains his balance by having big dreams that allow him to resolve his anxiety problems and escape.

Sagittarius symbolizes: the discovery of a higher world, its belonging to this world. He makes the synthesis between body and soul, he thinks spiritually.

In love, how is he?
He concludes quickly; he can marry several times if necessary, but being convinced that it is the last. He legalizes while hating somewhere to be tied. Love holds a very important place; idealistic, a little naive, he has a tendency to fall in love with him, life is quite hectic. Do not talk to him constantly about responsibilities, he is afraid of it. He binds himself but does not support the idea of ​​being in prison, of a thread that holds him back.

To seduce him: do not lock him up under any circumstances; let him travel, take exercise, otherwise he will suffocate; respect his freedom. Beware of the nesting Sagittarius at all costs: he sets up houses, cages because he cannot assume his inner freedom, but unconsciously he makes you pay for it unless you let him go, get some fresh air, travel. "

From the book "The ABCs of Astrology".


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