The Scorpion

"The natives of this sign have the following characteristics:

The sign of the scorpion is a sign of deep mutations, of inner struggle in order to live this fundamental reality of life linked to death, to destruction. The scorpion knows it, he experiences the anguish of existing and experiences violent impulses linked to this anxiety. He needs to fertilize on all levels. Sexuality is very strong, the sexual act is for him the means to fight with death. He has the feeling of metamorphosis, that the individual can only live after being dead himself: to renounce, to strip himself, in order to be reborn. He needs to probe, to search, to understand, the absolute. It symbolizes the mystery of man in the face of the obligation to die, he can turn in on himself in search of his true identity. Instinctive, personal, emotional, he has a psychological sense above the normal; he knows how to dissect, they feel the things that others are hiding, people are transparent in front of him. He is a fierce individualist, he is always in search of answers concerning the mystery of man; he is anxious, he meets the marginalized, the exiles, the uprooted, etc., always with the obsession to find an answer to what he feels in himself and which he cannot always formulate. It rejects, it destroys, it is reborn and analyzes the phases of its evolution. The scorpion senses the problems of the human soul, he is always looking for an answer concerning the mystery of life. To find this person, he takes roundabout paths, but with a conscious taste for truth and the absolute.

Description of the scorpion

The scorpion symbolizes:
the obligation for the individual to lose, to give up, to die himself in order to transform himself.

In love, how is he? The importance of sexuality linked to affectivity, let us not forget. The scorpion is attributed an unfounded interest in sex; for him, sexuality is linked to an experience which takes him further; we can say that he has a mythical sexuality. Passion, hatred, dramas, departures, returns are part of her loving existence. He seeks the exceptional being because he feels exceptional. An encounter with a scorpion is not forgotten, it tries to eat the other, to possess it. Love is not easy, but if you are up to the task, if you are up to the task, you will have an exceptional companion in front of you.

The native of the scorpion despises love and, while trying to reason with his impulses, he succumbs to a passionate fascination. As he gets older he becomes very interesting. Do not forget that he knows very quickly who you are: they feel the needs of the other, he seeks power struggles, he does not easily accept equal relationships, he can cheat on you, flirt, but don't accept it from you. It brings you a profound change in your life, and it's not that bad.

To seduce him: accept it status quo, don't push it about, it won't come back. Tell him you need him, don't play too much with his legendary jealousy; ultimately, accept this exceptionally tiring and exciting relationship. "



Taken from "the basics of astrology".

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