The Seven of Sticks

signification du sept de baton, tarot

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Competition, jealousy, betrayal, quarrel, labor dispute, romantic rivalry.

The seven of sticks indicates a time of completion, struggle and challenge. In Thoth's system, this card is called "Lord of Bravery". I love the name because it speaks of courage. He prompts us not to run away from struggle, fear or exhaustion, but rather to feel that fear and act anyway. It’s a card that prompts you to take a stand; now is not the time to be passive. This card reminds me of goats playing "king of the hill". Here I have drawn a goat trying to protect its territory from a fox (a cunning competitor is sassy?) And a goose (a loud, annoying competitor?). Part of the price of success in any business is that you won't be the only one to profit from your accomplishment.

When it comes to business that involves financial or creative pursuits, know that there are people on your heels who try to reap what you have accomplished or denigrate your efforts. This card indicates an increased risk of these dangers and urges you to prepare for battle.

Sometimes compassion is shown to help us achieve our goals. At other times, it can undermine us and create a negative dynamic. Conversely, the seven of clubs shows that you feel overwhelmed by too many engagements or confrontations, or the constant pressure of having to compete and hold on. You doubt yourself, which makes you lose ground. You may feel judged, assailed by opponents, paranoid or underestimated. Part of you just wants to hide and not have to fight again, but this card indicates that now is not the time to avoid conflict. You must get up, refocus and climb this hill with bravery. Make sure to ward off the negative effects of this card, and after the battle, rest will come. "

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