The Seven of Cups

signification du sept de coupe, tarot

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Illusion, fantasy, unrealistic expectation.

The Seven of Cups is a card associated with illusions, dreams, transitions, and mysteries. Usually it represents a person in front of many goblets filled with mysterious objects. I chose to draw it using fragments of broken glass to express the breaking of an illusion to find freedom. This card indicates that you must leave the realm of daydreams and enter the real world. Beware of wishful thinking. Focus on real-world achievements, goals, and plans. The Seven of Cups celebrates the dreamer who has the ability to see the possibilities and joys to come, but also the difficulties, and it warns us against over-emphasizing illusions. A savings account will take you further than a lottery ticket. This card can also talk about the dangers of delusion when temptation lurks. You may be faced with many choices, but not all of them will lead to happiness and good things. In particular, beware of sexual or emotional temptations.
In a reading, this card often warns you about behaviors that are distracting you from the right path. Maybe you want to meet a life partner, but don't want to take the necessary steps to open up or change your lifestyle. Maybe you would like to be healthier, but you'd rather swallow a magic pill with quick results, rather than get up and do the right thing.

Conversely, in its most negative version, this card suggests a reluctance to face reality. Perhaps you are trapped in your own delusions, wishful thinking, or paranoia, avoiding the inner tension that needs to be dealt with. This card can be presented to a compulsive gambler or someone who wants to find the secret to "get rich quick". But beware, there are no shortcuts to achieving your best. "

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