The Sword Seven

signification du sept d'épée, tarot

The word of the creator of the linetrider tarot:

Diplomacy, tact, honesty/dishonesty, quarrel, duplicity, secrecy, hidden motivation, deviousness.

This card often appears when the applicant or someone in his life is looking to escape with something. There is also an element of deviousness in this map, or an attempt to sneak away or run away from duty or responsibility. I drew a column of smoke from a camp; which is the price to pay for being duplicitous, cutting bridges or destroying relationships. This card reminds me of a Bible verse that I heard a lot in my childhood: "... and know that your sin will pursue you ... (Number, 32:23).

In a reading about relationships, this card could evoke dishonesty or infidelity. Are you having an affair right now, or are you lying about something that's undermining the foundations of your relationship? Could it be that your partner is cheating on you? In a work reading, this map may indicate that you are not completely frank or honest about any subject, and that your behavior becomes risky. It could also mean that someone is talking about you behind your back or trying to take credit for something that doesn't belong to them.

Upside down, the sword seven has a rather different meaning. This card may indicate that you are struggling to free yourself from a situation that is no longer good for you. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities, unable to let go of past problems, or simply discouraged by what seems to be an insurmountable obstacle. This card could advise you to drop off all your luggage, eliminate old swords that are no longer worthy of a battle, and try to bravely face the future. You must avoid any dishonest behaviour, as this card could mean that you are about to be caught red-handed."

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