The six of sticks

Le six de bâton

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Achievement, recognition, acceptance, praise, pride, reward.

The six of sticks is a card that evokes celebration of yourself and your accomplishments. Hold your head up high and be proud of what you have achieved and who you have become. You will soon receive promotion, reward or public recognition for your work and accomplishments. This card indicates that, thanks to your determination and persistence, you got closer to your goals and others have noticed. Now is the time to build your "personal brand" and take advantage of the fact that the world is watching you in a very positive way. With this achievement and praise comes the hope of future excellence. Get ready to step up your efforts and take your goals to the next level. Professionally or financially, this card could mean that your efforts and expertise will soon be recognized, and that when others realize your accomplishments, success and prosperity could follow. Take the time to inform the public well of your progress and do it tactfully: Update your CV and make sure your degrees, honors or the like are prominently on your website.

Conversely, the six of sticks symbolizes arrogance, smugness, and downright disagreeable behavior. While it's okay to be proud of what you've accomplished, bragging won't get you many friends nor will it help you continue on your journey. You need to keep the right balance between assertiveness and bragging. You can be proud of your accomplishments, but not sit back on your laurels and let your success cloud your outlook on others and their own contribution to your work or relationships. The six of sticks warns you against doubt and lack of confidence. You have to believe in your abilities and your worth so that others can believe in you. Be aware that pessimism and defeatism will get you nowhere. This card could indicate that someone else takes credit for your work, or that others may not be aware of your contribution to a situation or project. Sometimes we have to sing our own praises. Conversely, this card could mean that you are overconfident and that your arrogance risks your downfall. "

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