The six of cuts

Le six de coupe

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Nostalgia, childhood, happiness, memories, celebration, good feeling, joy, generosity, teaching.

The six of cups symbolizes childhood, nostalgia, naive pleasure and generosity. On my card, the white flowers and yellow colors evoke innocence and happiness. As for lemurs, they are so playful and cheerful that they seemed appropriate to me. The six of cups can represent a return to a familiar environment or feeling. Perhaps you are visiting friends or family, or you will visit a place full of nostalgia. Now is the time to bring back the fond memories of your childhood with friends and family, and reconnect with everything that made your inner child happy. In Thoth's system, this map is called pleasure, and it evokes the deep emotions that arise after going through an ordeal, as well as the ability to now enjoy the pleasures of harmony and love.

On the love level, the six of couples evokes a romantic relationship that will give you a feeling of youth and joy. This card could appear in a draw if you've reconnected with someone from your past.

Conversely, the six of cups may indicate that you are clinging to your old ideas or old identity, or that there are issues from your past that are still present and are preventing you from moving forward. Your past can serve as a guide for your future, but more importantly, you need to focus on the present in order to lay a solid foundation for the future. This card could also mean that you, or someone around you, is behaving childishly and that these actions are hindering progress or happiness in your life. "

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