The six of sword

Le six d'épée

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Travel, escape, baggage, new adventure, best time to come, change, movement.

This is a card that often appears during times of change: moving, traveling, changing jobs, etc. The six of sword indicates that you will have to make some important choices if you want to find a new direction in your life. It may be that you are emerging from a difficult or problematic situation and heading towards an unknown, but possibly optimistic, future. In my illustration, the calm waters in front of the boat indicate now is the right time to make a necessary transition. Sometimes it is an inner transition, an invitation to forget past hurts, failures or losses and embrace a new way of being. A long journey or path may be indicated, or a move to a new house.

Regarding personal relationships, this card could mean that the time has come to end a relationship that no longer contributes to your growth and happiness. In a reading, it is possible that the surrounding maps invite you to navigate to new horizons. It can also mean that the time has come to free yourself from past hurts or attachments, and to allow yourself to walk into a new way of being.

Conversely, the six of swords may indicate that you are fleeing an issue that still needs your attention. This card could also mean that you feel trapped, that you want to go to new horizons, but that outside constraints are preventing you from moving forward. For example, you might want to end a relationship, but financial considerations keep you from doing that. It is by examining the other cards that you will find suggestions for removing obstacles in your path. In the inverted position, this card could also indicate that a partnership or relationship is on the verge of breaking down. One of the affected people is walking away, although you are not yet aware of it. "

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