The sun

Le Soleil

The word of the creator of the linetrider tarot:

Prosperity, happiness, acceptance, joy, materialism, optimism, fulfillment, friendship.

The sun represents success, abundance and pleasure. This card is associated with positive energy and joy. In my illustration, the symbolism may seem somewhat strange. Two small creatures feed on a sunflower that exudes a coloured sticky material. I wanted to portray the nourishing power essential to the life of light, while at the same time reminding the applicant that if he radiates light, people will flock to him. The sunflower is the traditional symbol of this map, and the other aspects emphasize the meaning of the glut.

In a reading, this map indicates that people will be attracted to you and that you are able to bring warmth and vitality to the world. Usually, this card suggests you say yes to the world and the possibilities available to you. Feed off the positivity provided by the universe. Now it's your turn to shine!

Although the sun seems to be a highly positive card, I like to warn the applicant against superficiality, futility is the irresponsibility. Remember that without the depth of the water, the sun can create a desert."

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